Why don't you feel attractive Aomori's cultures?


Why don't you feel attractive Aomori's cultures?

Nature picture of Aomori prefecture

In Aomori, you can enjoy the nature view, such as “OIRASE mountain stream” which has been registered as Japan Natural monument, TOWADA lake and Mt Iwaki.
The native forest of beech in Shirakamisanchi has been registered for UNESCO world heritage site.
We have a lot of photos of Aomori nature view.

Post card is also on sale

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A photo frame made from Aomori HIBA (similar to a white cedar and very famous in Aomori)

Aomori HIBA is the coniferous tree that exists only in Japan and one of the most beautiful three forests in Japan.
They live about 200 or 250 years and growing up at severe snow place in north.
Over 80 percent of the domestic accumulation amount is in Aomori and fragrant woods.
The fragrance makes us relax by its aromatic relaxation.

A photo frame used Aomori HIBA is on sale.
Large size(89mm×127mm) 1700yen
2Large size(127mm×178mm) 2300yen


In Aomori, we have Aomori " NEBUTA festival, which is one of the big three festivals in Japan.
NEBUTA festival is the festival that is held from August 2 to August 7 in the center of Aomori city.
The festival is composed of the floats which big paper dolls are on them and the performers who are called " HANETO" dancing around the floats.

Then we support you by taking a picture you will put on the " HANETO " costume.

Photo Price
3.500yen( one person ), including costume cost,photography cost, and print cost.

・Aomori NEBUTA festival in the world
NEBUTA festival is joining the worldwide festivals, like nice France, Italy, cherry blossom festival in Hawaii, Japanese immigrants 70 years festival in Sao Paulo Brazil and Beijing China.

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